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Notes for C and C++ Programmers

If you are a C or C++ programmer, several PL/SQL conventions and requirements may differ from your expectations. Note the following about PL/SQL:

  • = means equal (not assign).

  • := means assign (as in Algol).

  • VARRAYs begin at index 1 (not 0).

  • Comments begin with two hyphens (--), not with // or /*.

  • The IF statement requires the THEN keyword.

  • The IF statement must be concluded with the END IF keyword (which comes after the ELSE clause, if there is one).

  • There is no PRINTF statement. The comparable feature is the DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE statement. In this statement, literal and variable text is separated using the double vertical bar (||).

  • A function must have a return value, and a procedure cannot have a return value.

  • If you call a function, it must be on the right side of an assignment operator.

  • Many PL/SQL keywords cannot be used as variable names.

  • Читал. Много думал. Вспоминал всех тех людей из SQLServer, которые искали "краткое руководство".
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