Oracle9i RAC

Дата: 04.10.2004 09:38:42
Доброго времени суток.

Не имея metalink'а, стучусь в форум.
Буду признателен за:

Note 184875.1 How to Check the Certification Matrix for Real Applicatin Clusters
Note 213416.1 RAC: Troubleshooting Windows NT/2000 Service Hangs
Note 183408.1 RAW Devices and Cluster File Systems With Real Application Clusters
Note 186130.1 Clustercheck.exe fails with Windows error 183
Note 223554.1 Automatic Startup of the Intelligent Agent Fails in RAC Environment
Note 158295.1 How to Configure EM with 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Note 211685.1 RAC WIN: Oracle 9.2 Installation halts with error file not found CRLOGDR.EXE
Note 230290.1 WIN RAC: How to Remove a Failed OCFS Install
Note 232239.1 DBCA Tips and Pitfalls in a Windows RAC Environment
Note 255481.1 Changing the Priority of CMSRVR on Windows

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Дата: 04.10.2004 22:24:51


Andrei Kriushin (Oracle8/8i/9i OCP DBA), RDTEX J.S.C.
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