Дата: 14.05.2010 10:12:30
Chart ModelKit by Perpetuum Software LLC is designed for .NET Win and Web Forms applications and provides a comprehensive set of 2D charts. It's possible to use any .NET data sources including ADO.NET, IList and IListSource objects. An intuitive WYSIWYG designer interface allows you to easily adjust chart elements with the mouse. It's simple to set the properties of any selected element in the Property Grid. The designer is available both at design time and run time. Create bound and unbound charts. The open object architecture of the product provides the ability to combine objects arbitrarily and thus to create unique and non-standard chart configurations or to use Instrumentation ModelKit elements for this purpose.

дополнительные компоненты поди ставила, а мозг упорно вспоминать не хочет )

раздел <assemblies> из web.config в студию
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[quot Mithun
раздел <assemblies> из web.config в студию[/quot]

студия в "Поле Чудес"
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